Has anyone wondered if there is a tool that can tell you how many healthy years you have left?

Researchers have devised a calculator that predicts how many healthy years you have left in life. It also predicts how many unhealthy years you’re likely to live before you die. The calculator is supported by the University Of Connecticut. The Healthy Life Expectancy Calculator assesses your health and lifestyle factors to predict the total future years you’re expected to live. Remember this is only a tool and it is relatively simplistic. There are a lot more variables that it does not account for currently. It does not account for family history or current detailed medical history. The questions about diet are very general. Screening tests are important and it does not account for compliance with these tests. The exercise question is very vague and does ask about the types, intensity, or duration of exercise. That being said it is a very interesting tool. It is a fantastic conversation starter. The calculator also recommends specific lifestyle changes to help you to increase your number of healthy years.

The significant difference in healthy life expectancy between two individuals of the same age are often driven by lifestyle choices within the individual’s control.

It’s a work in progress, but it’s the first such measurement tool to be developed. I sure hope it is accurate because I am counting on my 35.7 healthy years it predicted. Unfortunately it’s too early to validate the accuracy of the calculations with actual data. The link is below and as always discuss any results with your primary care provider.


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