Live Longer Retreat Telluride
One week won’t just change your life…it will prolong it

How long and how well you live is up to you. Over 70% of deaths today are “lifestyle” related and preventable. We are literally killing ourselves with bad choices. Nearly 80% of those over 65 live with at least one chronic health condition.

But with so much “fake news” out there about nutrition and wellness, how do you know whom to trust?

Led by internationally renowned internist and gastroenterologist Dr. Alan Safdi, along with a team of medical, wellness and nutrition experts, The Live Longer Retreat Telluride will teach you medically based ways to prolong your life and prevent dementia, heart disease, diabetes, some cancers, and obesity.

In one week, this physician-run, physician-driven intensive retreat will give you the tools to change your lifestyle to live longer without major health issues.

Through fun, action-packed days filled with lectures, yoga, Pilates, personal training, group classes, spa time, dietician evaluation, cooking exercises and more, you’ll take control of your health and add years to your life.

The exclusive retreat includes private meetings with the Live Longer Retreat Telluride team prior to the event to tailor the program to your specific needs, daily opportunities to interact one-on-one with our experts, and continued phone follow-up with Dr. Safdi after the retreat to ensure that one week translates into life long change.

The Live Longer Retreat Telluride includes:
• Accommodations at the luxurious The Peaks Resort & Spa Telluride
• All programming including daily fun educational lectures with Dr. Safdi, hikes and activities with Dr. Safdi, daily personal training, meetings with our dietician, yoga and Pilates instruction, and much more.
• All meals within the retreats agenda
• Pre and Post retreat consultations
• 2018 dates: May 31-June 6; June 7-14, Aug. 23-29, Sept. 6-12, Oct. 18-24

For more information or to register, please contact Todd Shaw at or 970.728.2538


Why do certain populations live longer and healthier?
The epidemiologic studies will be explored in detail to help us with a roadmap for better health and longevity.

Exercise: How much do I REALLY need?
What are the benefits of exercise and what types should you be doing? How much exercise do we need? Could you exercise too much? This information is shocking.

Unexpected Risks of Common Medications.
What are the risks and benefits of common medications including over the counter medications. A guide to discuss these with your health care provider.

Preventing Some of the Most Common Diseases Associated with Aging.
Can we prevent heart disease, dementia, arthritis, and cancer?

Can Dementia be Prevented?
We are all at risk and learn how to decrease your overall risks. We will delve in depth to all the lifestyle changes needed to dramatically decrease your risk of dementia.

The Risks of Simple Sugars & Where They Are Hiding.
We all need to understand the tremendous risks and the addictive qualities of simple sugars. Knowledge is the key to help withdrawal from them and avoid the hidden sugars in our diet.

Common Injury Prevention & Treatment.
We will discuss in detail stretching, common injury treatments, herbal treatments for injuries, risks of medications such as Advil and that class of drugs, when to use ice and when to use heat, and the difference between dynamic and static stretching. When should you see your doctor?

What should be incorporated into a good history and physical exam?
We will give you a roadmap to discuss with your primary care provider some of the tests, genetic screenings, labs, and family history that is appropriate for good care and prevention of disease.

The facts about Vitamins and Supplements.
What vitamins should we take and which ones could be risky? How do we monitor our labs to look for toxicity? Which supplements could be beneficial and are supported by evidence based research and which ones could be risky?

Debunking the Myths on Dietary Fads.
We do not truly believe in diets but in durable lifestyle changes. We will explore the current dietary fads with the risks and benefits.

Knowledge is Power: How to make durable long-lasting changes. The entire program is based on the premise that to make changes that will last a lifetime the key is evidence based medical knowledge. We will show you how to make this hopefully last a lifetime.